GETR.E.A.L. (Recognize. Engage. Affirm. Love.)

getR.E.A.L (Recognize. Engage. Affirm. Love) California is an initiative to improve the competency and capacity of child welfare organizations and to promote the healthy sexual and identity development of all children involved with the California child welfare system. Led by Family Builders by Adoption, it is part of the national getREAL project which is a collaboration with the Center for the Study of Social Policy (CSSP).

getREAL California works to develop and integrate a sexual orientation and gender identity/expression (SOGIE) framework into current statewide initiatives in collaboration with the California Department of Social Services and counties.  To date, the initiatives have included the Continuum of Care Reform, implementation of the Katie A. settlement agreement, California Partners for Permanency, and the California Child Welfare Core Practice Model.   The project leads and staffs an advisory group for the department of social services;   has developed tools and resources for the field to promote affirming environments and provides consultation and technical assistance for state and counties.

getREAL California is supporting the implementation of new state regulations to enhance the well-being of LGBTQ+ and gender expansive youth involved with the child welfare system. Those new regulations include but not are not limited to AB 731 and AB 2119.

Additionally, getREAL California offers workshops and training on a state and national level for organizations to understand and create intersectional SOGIE inclusive programs.

For more information, contact the getREAL California Project Director: Vida Khavar, at


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