Older youth permanency project

The vast majority of youth in the foster care system are older than nine years of age. Older youth in foster care are less likely to be adopted or have permanent family relationships, and many age out of the foster care system without a permanent family.   When youth age out of foster care without a family, they face serious difficulties transitioning to life on their own.

Permanency is a process and a result that is youth driven and includes a permanent, supportive, adult who takes on a parental role in a youth’s life.

The goal of Family Builders’ permanency services is to create permanency for children and youth in foster care and in the juvenile justice system.  This includes reunification, adoption, tribal customary adoption, guardianship, permanent placement with a relative and relational permanency.

Permanency provides youth with:

  • A safe, stable and secure parenting relationship

  • Love

  • Unconditional commitment

  • Lifelong Support

  • A place to be

  • Permanency is respectful of culture and affirming of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Family Builders provides permanency services under contract.  For more information contact the permanency supervisor at 510-536-5437.