Siblings Belong Together – Daisy’s Story

Daisy, a 13-year-old living in foster care with her little brother and sister, worried constantly that they would be split up. Daisy liked to dress stylishly and wanted to hang out with other teens, but she felt fiercely protective of shy seven-year-old Manny and playful, boisterous Sophie, age six. Daisy was also afraid that if they were adopted, they wouldn’t be able to visit their older brother in a different foster home, or stay in touch with their dad.

At Family Builders, we know that families belong together. Siblings give each other crucial emotional support while the children experience the changes, challenges and uncertainties of foster care. Family relationships need to be preserved.

With Family Builders’ support, Daisy now has a permanent family. The siblings’ loving foster mom was willing to adopt all three children. Manny, who only watched soccer on TV, has now joined a team. Little Sophie bravely started at a new school. With a parent to depend on to raise her little brother and sister, Daisy can be herself as a young teenager. She enjoys dressing in style for school and is making friends for the first time. They all visit their big brother and talk with their dad.

Daisy needs what every child needs: a nurturing parent in a supportive family. Family Builders’ Permanency program made this family a reality for Daisy and her siblings.

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