A Youth Acceptance Project Success Story

Youth Acceptance Project Success Story for an LGBTQ child and their family

Bryce’s sex assigned at birth was female, but he always knew he really was a boy. Bryce came out as transgender at the age of 14. His parents had recently separated and both struggled with accepting their transgender child. Bryce was also struggling: with self harming behavior, with academics, and with relationships at school. 

The Family Builders Youth Acceptance Project social worker, called a Family Advocate, supported Bryce’s parents through their journey of acceptance of their child’s identity. It was Bryce’s father who first welcomed the Youth Acceptance Project: when Bryce and his sibling moved to live full time with their father, their dad became a strong supporter for Bryce, advocating for him at school and within their family. 

With the Family Advocate’s encouragement, seeing a family therapist with his dad helped Bryce stop his self-harming behavior, and his grades got better in school. Bryce’s father came to fully embrace Bryce’s gender identity, including changing his name legally, and getting gender-affirming medical support.

Family Builders meets families where they are and helps them through their journey.  The Youth Acceptance Project reduces the time LGBTQ+ children and youth spend in foster care, helps families reunite, or even better, prevents separation in the first place.

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