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Child Welfare

Components of a SOGIE inclusive Agency
Guide to welcoming and affirming transgender and gender expansive children in STRTPs
Checklist to Assess Organizational SOGIE Capacity and Competency
Tools for Evaluating the SOGIE Competency and Capacity of an Organization
Raising Healthy and Happy LGBT and Gender Non-conforming Children
Assembly Bill 458: The California Foster Care Non-Discrimination Act (National Center for Lesbian Rights)
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A Guide for Understanding, Supporting, and Affirming LGBTQI2-S Children, Youth, and Families
A Place of Respect: A Guide for Group Care Facilities Serving Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth (National Center for Lesbian Rights)
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beFIERCE! A Toolkit for Providers Working with LGBTQ Foster Youth
Best Practice Guidelines: Serving LGBT Youth In Out-of-home Care (Child Welfare League of America)
Caring for LGBTQ Children & Youth: A Guide for Child Welfare Providers (Human Rights Campaign - All Families All Children)
Creating Inclusive Services for LGBT Youth in Out of Home Care (Family Builders by Adoption; Legal Services for Children; National Center for Lesbian Rights)
Getting Down to Basics: Tools to Support LGBTQ Youth in Care (Child Welfare League of America; Lambda Legal)
Guidelines for Managing Information Related to the Sexual Orientation & Gender Identity and Expression of Children in Child Welfare Systems (Family Builders; Legal Services for Children; Center for the Study of Social Policy; NCLR)
Issues of Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression in Child Welfare - Organizational Issues (National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections)


LGBT Kids Of Color Are More Likely To Be Disciplined In School, Study Shows

Juvenile Justice

A Guide to Juvenile Detention Reform: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
A Place of Respect: A Guide for Group Care Facilities Serving Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming Youth (National Center for Lesbian Rights)
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Hidden Injustice: Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Youth in Juvenile Courts (Equity Project)
LGBTQ Youth and Youth Living with HIV in Foster Care and Juvenile Justice Systems (Lambda Legal)
Locked In: Interactions with the Criminal Justice and Child Welfare Systems for LGBTQ Youth, YMSM, and YWSW Who Engage in Survival Sex
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Locked Up & Out: LGBT Youth in Louisiana’s Juvenile Justice System (Juvenile Justice Project of Louisiana)
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Model Policy & Practice Guidelines for Providing Non-Discriminatory Services to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Youth in Juvenile Justice Facilities (National Center for Lesbian Rights)
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NDTAC Fact Sheet: Improving Services for Youth Who Are LGBT in the Juvenile Justice System (National Evaluation and Technical Assistance Center)
Resources for Professionals Serving LGBT Youth in Out-of-Home Care (National Center for Lesbian Rights)
Restoring Justice: A Blueprint for Ensuring Fairness, Safety, and Supportive Treatment of LGBT Youth in the Juvenile Justice System
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Identifying and Serving LGBTQ Youth: Case Studies of Runaway and Homeless Youth Program Grantees (Mathematica Policy Research)
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LGBTQ Youth: An Epidemic of Homelessness (National Gay and Lesbian Task Force Policy Institute; National Coalition for the Homeless)
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National Recommended Best Practices for Serving LGBT Homeless Youth (National Alliance to End Homelessness; National Network for Youth; Lambda Legal; National Center for Lesbian Rights)
On the Streets: The Federal Response to Gay and Transgender Homeless Youth (Center for American Progress)
Serving Our Youth 2015: The Needs and Experiences of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Questioning Youth Experiencing Homelessness
Surviving the Streets of New York: Experiences of LGBTQ Youth, YMSM, and YWSW Engaged in Survival Sex (Urban Institute)
Toolkit for Practitioners Who Work With LGBT Runaway and Homeless Youth (National Resource Center for Permanency and Family Connections)

Families of LGBTQ Youth

A Practitioner’s Resource Guide: Helping Families to Support Their LGBT Children (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)
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Family Acceptance in Adolescence and the Health of LGBT Young Adults (Journal of Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Nursing)
Family Rejection as a Predictor of Negative Health Outcomes in White and Latino Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual Young Adults (Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics)
In-Home Services for Families of LGBTQ Youth (National Resource Center for In-Home Services)
Supportive Families, Healthy Children: Helping Families with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, & Transgender Children (Family Acceptance Project)
Tres Gotas de Agua (Somos Familia)

LGBTQ Parents

Adoption and Foster Care by Gay and Lesbian Parents in the United States (Williams Institute; Urban Institute)
Expanding Resources for Children (Evan P. Donaldson Adoption Institute)
Parenting and Child Development in Adoptive Families: Does Parental Sexual Orientation Matter? (Applied Developmental Science)
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Promising Practices in Adoption and Foster Care (Human Rights Campaign)
Too High a Price (ACLU)
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En Español

Criando jovenes LGBT y GNC saludables y felices
Niños Saludables con el Apoyo Familiar: Ayuda para Familias con Hijos e Hijas Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Transgénero (Family Acceptance Project)
Sé Tú Mismo: Preguntas y Respuestas para Jóvenes Gay, Lesbianas, Bisexuales y Transgéneros (Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays)
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Un Mensaje Importante Sobre La Seguridad de Nuestros Niños y Jóvenes (Somos Familia)
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Una guía para entender, apoyar y alentar a los niños, jóvenes y familias LGBTQI2-S



#WhatMakesFamily (You Gotta Believe: Adopting Older Kids and Youth)
10 Standards of Care: Improving Services for LGBT Young People (The American Institutes for Research)


What It's Like to Be Intersex